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wrestlemania 34 ergebnisse

9. Apr. Es war DAS Wrestling-Highlight des Jahres: WrestleMania 34 im Superdome von New Orleans! Uhr: Die Ergebnisse der Kickoff-Show. 9. Apr. Wrestlemania 34 ist Geschichte und begeisterte die Fans! Wir haben alle Ergebnisse des größten WWE-Events des Jahres zusammengefasst. 8. Apr. WWE "WrestleMania 34" Ort: Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Datum: April Zuschauer: Pre-Show. Shane decided to face Owens and Zayn alone and the match Elephant King Slot - Play Online for Free or Real Money started. Paige Women's Battle Royal. Archived from the original on March 6, Styles connects with a high drop kick and Nakamura rolls outside the ring. Retrieved January 23, Beste Spielothek in Wohnbach finden Flair received the biggest pop late when she tipp com24 a breathtaking and dangerous Spanish Fly off the top rope. 21 dukes avenue chiswick Triple H and Ronda in the ring and she wants a piece of him. The bell rings and Undertaker immediately takes the fight to Cena. Andrews, The Brian Kendrick returns, and more". Rousey eventually tagged in and faced off with Stephanie. Archived from the original on München wett 18, Ronda is ticked and Triple Wrestlemania 34 ergebnisse yanks her out of the ring. Before the match began, Owens and Zayn attacked Bryan and Shane. Styles attempted a Styles clash for the first time, but Nakamura flipped Styles over and caught him kostenlos spielen net mahjong a landslide powerbomb. Miz hit the first finisher of casino de luxe trier match, a skull-crushing finale to Rollins, but it only got tradewind casino cruise savannah two to the joy of the audience.

Wrestlemania 34 ergebnisse -

DAS durfte nichtmal Reigns. Er wirkte in besserem körperlichen Zustand als bei seiner Niederlage gegen Roman Reigns im vergangenen Jahr. Auch fehlende Abwechslung bei den Aktionen war in den sozialen Medien häufiger Kritikpunkt. Wrestlemania 34 stand in der Nacht auf dem Programm. Allein die Präzision in der Ausführung ihrer Moves —— Styles und Nakamura könnten hier ein historisches Match liefern. Dort steigt am 7. Ein Blitz schlägt ein, der Hut fängt an zu brennen — erneut geht das Licht aus. Einziger Kritikpunkt ist die unrealistische Darstellung von Steph. Shane McMahon stürzt erneut mehrere Meter tief. Gut das Styles gewann…Aber wenn man einen Klassiker mal ankündigt und dann ein solides Match bei raus kommt auch blöd…Aber der Heelturn war gut…. Zum Match an sich: Und das soll dem Sunset slots casino no deposit bonus codes Champion Titel dann auch noch Prestige verleihen weil der Titel ja nicht so einfach errungen werden kann?

34 ergebnisse wrestlemania -

Is this the turning point TeamMcMahon needs?! Dann schnappt sich Strowman das Mikrofon: Als er gegen Hunter gefighted hat, kam doch tatsächlich nochmal sowas wie Nostalgie auf. Chokeslam des Undertaker er packt seinen Gegner am Hals, hebt ihn in die Höhe und wirft ihn mit Wucht auf die Matte , dann der legendäre Finishing Move: Vielleicht wenn er jetzt Heel wird. Monatelang spannte das wandelnde Wrestling-Denkmal seine Fans auf die Folter, doch am Ende enttäuschte er sie nicht. Auch hier ist es möglich, dass Titelverteidiger Orton seinen Titel verliert, ohne selbst besiegt zu werden.

Wrestlemania 34 Ergebnisse Video

WWE 2k14 Dieses Glühwürmchen will doch niemand mehr sehen. Die Musik von John Cena ertönt. Jetzt steht ein Moment an, auf den Wrestling- und Kampfsportfans schon ewig gewartet haben: Und das Publikum bekommt genau, was es will: Und wenn die Hoffnung vergeblich sein sollte? Dann, werden wir wieder auf Dauer einen Teilzeit Worker Lesnar ertragen müssen? Lesnar darf den Titel behalten. Denn mitten in Reigns' Konterversuche bringt Lesnar einen sechsten F5! Tja, lief alles net so rund, wa? Klasse Match und das Seth den Grand Slam bekommt geht absolut i.

Afterwards the men hug and in a sign of respect, Nakamura gets down on one knee and is handing it to Styles. He takes the title but Nakamura hits him with a low blow!

Nakamura then kicks Styles in the face over and over, knocking him out of the ring where he connects with a Kinshasa. Nakamura hits an exploder suplex and sets up for the Kinshasa but Styles evades it, rolls him up and into a Styles Clash and scores the pin.

Very good match but the finish came out of nowhere. I'm surprised there wasn't more of a back and forth with them trading finishing moves to end it.

Styles comes off the ropes with a splash but Nakamura gets his knees up and makes a cover but can't get the three count.

Back on their feet, they trade some stiff shots to the face and Nakamura with a big forearm but Styles counters with a kick to the knee.

Nakamura connects with a hard knee to the back of Styles' head and he goes for the pin but Styles survives.

Both men are selling injuries - Styles has a bad back and Nakamurawith a bad left knee. Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm but Nakamura kicks out at the last second.

Styles goes to work on Nakamura's knee and kicks him on the inside of his knee. Great reversal between them but Styles is able to put Nakamura in the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring.

Nakamura finally reverses into a triangle choke and Styles is fading but picks up Nakamura and drops him down hard on the back of his neck.

Nakamura is back in the ring and slows the pace but Styles slams him face-first to the mat and both men are doing. Good pacing on this so far with big impact moves.

Styles connects with a high drop kick and Nakamura rolls outside the ring. Styles tries to kick him but instead its Nakamura who kicks his leg out from under him.

This is getting physical very quickly. Not a true New Japan-style match early on but a hybrid of that and a WWE style match as they somewhat methodically build to moves.

Nakamura comes off the ropes but Styles catches him with a slam across his knee as he goes to work on his back.

Nakamura counts with a spin kick to the face and makes the cover by Styles kicks out. The crowd is already doing dueling chants. AJ then makes his way to the ring.

This is a big one. These two had an instant classic several years ago at Wrestle Kingdom 10 with New Japan Pro Wrestling and the expectaction for this one are through the roof.

Back in the ring, Alexa makes a cover and Nia barely kicks out. Alexa slaps her and yells "I made you! Alexa comes off the top rope but Nia catches her.

Alexa is trying to fight out of it and is upside down when Nia whips her into the turnbuckle. Bliss pokes Nia in the eye behind the referee's back but a minute later, Nia hits a wicked Alabama Slam.

She picks Alexa up on her shoulders, climbs to the second rope and hits a huge fallaway slam for the win.

Match was fine and told the story it needed. I thought it would have only gone about 30 seconds but WWE gave them some time. Alexa targets Nia's knee and gets her down on the ground and limiting her movement.

But Nia fires back with a big kick to Alexa's chest. Alexa goes for a choke but Nia slams her down but then misses on a shoulder block into the corner and flies to the floor.

Alexa climbs to the top rope and connects with the Twisted Bliss. That looked really cool. The bell rings and Nia is complete control and she tosses Alexa around the ring by her hair followed by a press slam.

Alexa rolls out of the ring and wants her title. She's leaving but Nia decks her and throws Alexa back in the ring. Mickie James attackes Alexa before the match but outside the ring, Nia takes care of her, tossing her into the barricade and a big slam.

I don't think Mickie is going to be a factor in this one. Off the top of my head, I believe there are four matches left including this one, the two men's championship matches and the "RAW" tag team title match.

We'll see if this will finish by midnight eastern. If now, so be it. Not too long, not too short and told the story: Daniel Bryan is back and looks like he never left.

After the match, he went ringside and shared a big kiss with his wife Brie. Zayn finally get in something and catches Bryan with a Helluva kick but can't score the pin.

Then Owens with a pop up powerbomd but Bryan kicks out of that too. If anyone was worried about what he can or cannot do, he's doing it all.

Bryan is one fire and he does a flip off the turnbuckle and follows up with a running clothesline. Now back and forth dropkicks to both Zayn and Owens.

Bryan is on the apron and wants the tag but Shane can't get to him as Zayn is trying to hold him off. He gets within a few inches put pulled away.

Shane counters and is trying, trying Here comes Daniel Bryan! Sami Zayn gets tied up in the corner and Shane, despite his pain, hits a coast to coast.

Not smart and he's capitalize. Owens gets in the ring and lands a frog splash. He makes the cover but Daniel Bryan makes the save!

Shane is trying to fight but every time he tries to come back, he gets hits in the gut again. But he won't stay down as he keeps kicking out of pinfalls.

Owens and Zayn have the advantage and they are focused on McMahon's midsection. The man has a hernia! He's down on the floor with medics looking at Daniel.

So it's Shane alone against Owens and Zayn as the bell rings. Quite the return for Daniel. Grab some tissues and warm up your shoulders - Daniel Bryan is back in action.

Time for his big return to the ring. Time for some professional hand-waving as the Hall of Fame Class of is introduced to the audience. That was quick and considering how good The Undertaker looked, he very well could be back in the ring more often.

Nothing full-time but possibly for some of the bigger events of the year. Cena hits a slam and comes off the ropes but Taker sits up and Cena is so surprised, he falls down.

The Dead Man gets to his feet, hits a clokeslam, and a Tombstone Piledrive and it is over! Watch what you wish for John Cena. The bell rings and Undertaker immediately takes the fight to Cena.

Just a minute in and it's old school Taker as he walks the ropes. He looks to be in great shape and is moving around really well.

Cena is walking to the back but halfway up the ramp he stops. The lights go out and then a spotlight hits the ring to show Undertaker's jacket and hat.

Lights go out again and the items are gone. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. In the ring, Elias says, "back up John, I'll take over from here".

Cena leaves the ring and is outside in the crowd as Elias starts playing a song. He starts singing and the crowd is hating on him.

Here comes Cena who can't take anymore. He slams Elias down and drops a first followed by an AA as Elias goes outside the ring and is crawling around.

The crowd starts chanting for Undertaker but Cena's music plays with no Dead Man. Cena is back in the ring shaking his head.

Elias says," were you expecting someone else". The crowd is chanting "you suck! Cena brought his ring gear and is ready to go!

He's in the ring but a referee runs over and says something to him and Cena is not happy. He jumps out of the ring dejected and starts shaking some hands on his way to the back.

The lights go out This didn't take long. Big E got tossed out of the ring and Kofi Kingston was left alone in the ring with the Bludgeon Brothers.

Rowan hits a powerbomb and then Harper hits him with another off the top rope and gets the pin. Don't mess with the Bludgeon Brothers. The Bludgeon Brothers are in control early.

Xavier Woods, who is not in the match, tried to attck them early outside the ring legal because it's a no-DQ match with Triple Threat rules but Woods ends up on the short end of that.

BTW, this show has been flying by with some great action so far. We are two hours in and this show has been awesome — unless you're The Miz.

In a "only in the WWE" moment, The New Day come down to the ring surrounded by "little people" dancing around in pancake outfits.

Good start to Rousey's WWE in-rign career with that match. You can tell she much more comfortable when it comes to physicality than the personality aspect of WWE but she sold well too.

She's under a big microscope and won over a lot of people with that performance and Stephanie and Triple H were great foils.

Ronda backdrops Stephanie then goes for the armbar. Stephanie fights hard to stop it but Ronda locks it on and Steph immediately taps.

Heck of a match and great work by all of them. Ronda reverses Triple H and slaps on an armbar. He almost taps but Stephanie breaks it up.

Triple H counters by swinging Angle into Ronda and they're all down. Now it's Angle and Triple H in the ring with Angle hitting a series of German suplexes and an Angle slam but Triple H kicks out before the three count.

Stephanie is in the ring and tried to kick Angle who catches her foot and puts her in the Angle Lock!

Triple H gets back up and connects with a Pedigree but Ronda makes the save. This match is much better than people expected. Just Triple H and Ronda in the ring and she wants a piece of him.

The referee says no but Triple H puts him in the corner. They want to fight! And it's Ronda hitting a series of punches and does a great roll through with Triple H and gets to her feet with him on her shoulder.

Stephanie breaks it up and slaps her hard. They end up outside the ring and Ronda goes face-first into the post.

Ronda is in control and goes for the armbar but Stephanie rakes her eyes. She gets away to her corner but Triple H is still face down outside the ring to her dismay.

Stephanie is fired up and goes on the offensive with gets in some kicks but Ronda finally grabs her by the throat and hits a big slam.

She makes the cover but Triple H pulls the referee out at the last second. Ronda is ticked and Triple H yanks her out of the ring. Now Angle is back up hitting punches to Triple H.

They go to the announcer's table but it's The Game who tosses Angle over a table as he goes to attend to his wife.

And Angle gets to the corner and makes the tag - here comes Ronda! She hits a big clothesline and then a suplex.

Ronda with a flurry of punches n the corner. Angle is trying to make the tag and gets very close before Triple H pulls him to the other side of the ring.

Then Angle moves out of the way as Triple H nearly decks his wife. Angle is making his way to the corner but Stephanie runs around and pulls Ronda off the apron just before he can make the tag.

Ronda tried to get in the ring and it backfired as Stephanie low-bridges Angle who falls to the floor. The story is that Triple H and Stephanie are taking advantage of her emotions and now Stephanie is choking Angle behind the referee's back.

She's such a heel. Stephanie is playing mind games with Ronda as she slaps her and pulls her hair from behind to get her ticked off before the match officially begins.

Stephanie is having some fun out there. Rousey is sporting a kilt on honor of Roddy Piper as she comes to the ring.

Personally, I think it's a mistake having her do so much Piper stuff and think she should be her own personality. Time to play the game as Triple H and Stephanie each ride a big motorcycle to the ring behind a pack of four biker women.

Both of them do the big water spit on their way into the ring. Crowd seems surprised this match is going on here but it makes sense to do this in the middle of the show.

Big moment for Rousey and we'll see how she does in her debut match. With the entire storyline for the match built around the breakdown in the friendship between Bayley and Sasha Banks, WWE did well to give the fans a false finish involving the two.

After Bayley saved Banks by eliminating Sarah Logan, Banks reached out her hand to squash their ongoing beef. Bayley initially accepted only to then dump Banks over the top rope, which both Bayley and the crowd thought was the end of the match.

But Naomi, who had been thrown out of the ring under the second rope earlier, reappeared into the match. She hit Bayley with her Rear View finisher before tossing her, setting off a wild celebration.

Intercontinental Championship -- Seth Rollins def. The Miz c via pinfall and Finn Balor to win the title: Talk about an electric way to kick off the main card.

The pace was off the charts for this one, as was the sequences of near falls and late saves. The Miz's decision to send The Miztourage backstage before the match, telling them "I've got this," removed any outside interference.

It also cleared the way for an incredibly smooth and entertaining match. The trio received its first "This is awesome" chant from the crowd following a creative sequence midway through.

Rollins hit a superplex on Balor yet nearly lost on a subsequent roll up. The finish to the match was also well set up as The Miz hit his finisher on Rollins from the top rope before Balor broke the pin with a Coup de Grace.

Shortly after, Balor appeared to have the match won after a Coup de Grace on Miz until Rollins snuck in to hit The Stomp on Balor before one more for Miz to get the pin.

As the one and only HowardFinkel would say Asuka via submission to retain the title: In a pairing between arguably the top two female performers in the world, both were willing to risk it all in a showcase of physicality.

The match was also incredibly emotional with both left in tears afterwards as Asuka exclaimed "Charlotte was ready for Asuka" before the two embraced in the center of the ring.

You want big spots? This match had plenty, including Asuka intercepting a moonsault by catching Charlotte into a triangle choke, only for Flair to then reverse into a Boston crab.

Asuka later hit an incredibly stiff suplex off the ring apron and onto the floor. But Flair received the biggest pop late when she hit a breathtaking and dangerous Spanish Fly off the top rope.

Following a huge spear, Flair then applied her Figure 8 leg lock to produce a surprising tap out from Asuka. Rusev via pinfall , Randy Orton c and Bobby Roode to win the title: Despite the flood of organic "Rusev Day" chants before the start of both the kickoff show and the main WrestleMania card, Rusev's bid for the U.

Rusev appeared to have things wrapped up when he went for his Accolade on Mahal, but "The Maharaja" escaped, setting up a super kick from Rusev on Singh, who had jumped up on the apron to interfere.

Mahal then snuck in to hit the Khallas for the While this match was certainly a clear step down from the red-hot openers, it was exactly what it needed to be: Talk about an incredibly fun piece of business.

Rousey was presented as a top-flight star in her WWE debut and did nothing short of exceed expectations in terms of physicality and timing.

This was classic storytelling at its absolute finest. For whatever the match lacked in terms of high spots, it more than made up for in drama, momentum changes and steady escalation of crowd response.

For a match that could've ended multiple ways over the second half, each time you thought it was over, the storyline produced one more wrinkle.

The first half of the match featured perfect tag team psychology as McMahon, at her heel best, used every trick in the book to entice Rousey and prevent Angle from making the tag.

Soon, all four participants had the crowd eating out of their hand with every move. The eventual hot tag to Rousey brought a flood of energy as she ran across the ring to flip McMahon in before beating her down amid constant trash talk including a "C'mon bitch!

Rousey proved she's much more than a celebrity making a one-time appearance. This was a performance which teases great things to come and was helped not just by perfect booking but standout support work from the other three in the match.

At one point, Triple H overruled the referee's attempt to prevent him from fighting with Rousey and the wrestling between the two produced some of the best moments in the match.

Angle and Rousey appeared to have the match won when each had submission moves locked in late until Triple H powered Angle into Rousey.

The finish came when Rousey and Angle each powered out of Pedigree attempts leading to an armbar from Rousey on McMahon, who an injury long after the tap.

Looks like all that WrestleMania training that RondaRousey has been doing just might pay off The New Day via pinfall and The Usos to win the titles: From the moment Harper and Rowan were rebranded from former Wyatt Family members to their new look, a stream of squash match victories has followed.

Incredibly, that didn't slow down at WrestleMania even though they were paired against the two best tag teams in WWE.

Harper and Rowan received one heck of a push in this short and dominant performance which ended with Kingston getting power bombed off the second rope by Harper after Rowan lifted him up.

John Cena via pinfall: For a story featuring so many delayed reveals and false starts, the actual match was surprisingly quick and predictable.

After spending two months trying to summon the return of The Undertaker, Cena was content to spend most of Sunday's card, beginning with the opening match of the kickoff show, in a ringside seat as a fan.

A whisper to the ear, however, from a referee after Charlotte Flair's victory over Asuka sent Cena running up the ramp to the backstage area.

Even more teases followed from there as Cena came out for what appeared to be a match only to have Elias crash the scene by playing a song on guitar featuring disparaging lyrics about Cena, Undertaker and the crowd.

But after Cena made quick work of Elias inside the ring, his walk back up the ramp was interrupted by darkness, smoke and a loud gong.

The Undertaker emerged dressed in his traditional "Deadman" garb, which led to a long walk to the ring. The match that followed, however, was a one-sided squash.

At 53 and coming off hip surgery, The Undertaker moved as fluidly as he has in years, erasing memories of his disappointing and long main event against Roman Reigns last year at WrestleMania But while it was nice to see Cena do the job so Taker could potentially exit active competition on his own terms should things play out that way , the actual match fell flat.

Unless you're a hardcore mark for Taker, this was about as anticlimactic as it gets, nearly erasing what had been creative storytelling until his final reveal.

You called down the thunder, now you've got it. The days of Owens and Zayn wreaking havoc as top heels and troublemakers on SmackDown Live is behind us.

In his first match since , Bryan returned from retirement to a hero's welcome. He also looked like he hadn't missed a beat either, forcing the tap out from Zayn to the Yes Lock before setting off a cacophony of cheers inside the Superdome.

The crowd was behind this match from the very beginning as Owens and Zayn snuck up from behind during their own ring entrance to viciously attack Bryan and McMahon.

A power bomb to Bryan on the ring apron left him seeking medical attention and unable to contribute for the first half of the match.

McMahon hit the biggest spot of the bout with his coast to coast while Zayn was stuck in the tree of woe in the corner. After Bryan finally returned to save McMahon from being pinned, his eventual entrance into the match via hot tag set up a red-hot rally to the finish.

Bryan played all of the hits in taking out both heels. In fact, he feigned a head injury before hitting a missile drop kick off the top rope only to kip up dramatically to spike the crowd.

After no-selling a punch from Zayn, Bryan hit a series of hard slaps and Yes kicks to set up the finish. Raw Women's Championship -- Nia Jax def.

Alexa Bliss c via pinfall to win the title: Jax's organic transition from monster heel to babyface champion is now complete.

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